You and your school can make a difference in the lives of children who are less fortunate! If you’re a school principal, administrator, teacher or parent, this is the perfect opportunity to encourage your students to become socially responsible and practically help their peers who are living at or below the poverty line in Canada.

Organize a Run4Change event at your school and raise pledges for education-based programs that are enabling underserviced children to achieve success in this school year and beyond.  Register your school team now and start raising pledges on behalf of the most vulnerable kids across the nation.

NOTE: If you would like to set up MULTIPLE teams within your school (ie: different grades, classes, or teacher representatives), please send an email or call the Start2Finish office at 1-888-320-8844 with your contact information and we will assist in setting this up.

For further information or tips on organizing your event, please call the Start2Finish office at 1-888-320-8844.

Helpful Resources for Schools: