Our Vision

The Pathway of Hope


Over 20 years ago, Brian Warren, founder of Start2Finish, saw something he did not like. He saw an unequal playing field between the haves and the have nots in Canada. Our mission is to break the cycle of child deprivation (poverty) by providing ongoing educational support to Canadian students throughout their school years, nuturing mind, body, and social health so they are empowered to succeed and become role models of change.

To achieve our goals, we developed the Pathway of Hope. It contains the elements that create a cycle of success, standing as a testament to the reality that no child goes off the rails when someone has cared about his or her wellbeing.

The Pathway is providing building blocks to help kids graduate and succeed. Everyday at Start2Finish, stakeholders, staff, donors and volunteers work hard to help kids create their cycle of success.

The Run4Change is a national event created by Start2Finish to raise awareness and funds for child deprivation in Canada. Through community participation, we believe we can create a Canada where all students have the tools to succeed.