Make some copies of the Fitness Journal on the next page to hand out to your students . You may want to start this journal after the rst day or two that you start the 20/20 Challenge. It is not something that has to be lled out everyday, perhaps once a week. This is not a mandatory exercise and if a child does not want to in their journal, don’t force it as it may lead them to having a negative association with physical activity.

Allowing the children to document their fitness journey gives them a powerful tool for re ection on where they started and how far they have come. This helps them recognize the goals they have achieved, how they feel, and what they have overcome to reach their goals.

As you will see on the following page, there are two journals per page. Either print them as is or print one per page and leave more room at the bottom for the child to write or draw a larger picture. We’ve also made space for the child to draw an emoji that represents their self-awareness of how they are feeling at that moment. Once a month a journey back through their journal will bring awareness to their physical and mental progression throughout the 20/20 Challenge.