Current Project

The Kids Helping Kids Project


The Junior Coach Program is designed for Start2Finish alumni who have successfully completed grade school, participated in our Running & Reading Club program, and are recommended to us by their principals. The program has been established to address high dropout rates by providing training and preparation for students entering high school, as well as the opportunity to develop leadership skills and “give back” by becoming Junior Coaches in our Running & Reading Clubs. In order to become a Junior Coach, each interested applicant from the Club has to submit a written application with an accompanying essay.

Junior Coach selections for Clubs are made over the summer by Start2Finish Club Directors and volunteer coaches, and successful applicants are contacted in September. Start2Finish has developed a “Junior Coach Handbook” that outlines the role, responsibilities and expectations for Start2Finish Junior Coaches and acts as a code of conduct to ensure standards are met across the country.

The goal of the Junior Coach Program is to help each student continue to build the confidence and ability they have obtained through the Start2Finish Running & Reading Club Program. The program allows each student to gain the aptitude and opportunity to advance, ensuring success at the next level. 

Investment in this project will provide hundreds of Canadian students with the chance to gain skills needed to become leaders in their communities and the country. An investment in this program is an investment in the future.