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Each year, thousands of Canadian youth will drop out of high school. This seemingly simple and personal act alters the course of their lives forever. It’s a move that costs them their education and future earning potential. Taken collectively, it costs their community by ingraining a culture of failure. Nationally, it costs our economy through a reduced employment pool and tax base, and an enormous strain on public expenditures.

Your generous support will help build the cycle of success and provide the building blocks for kids to graduate and succeed!


Operation: Backpack


The Start2Finish Backpack Program provides vital school supplies to thousands of kids who begin the school year without the proper essentials.  More information →

The Running & Reading Project


The Start2Finish Running & Reading Club weekly after-school program is a 32-week companion program to the Backpack Program.  More information →


The Kids Helping Kids Project

Photo by  Andrea Tummons  on  Unsplash

The Junior Coach Program is designed for Start2Finish alumni who have successfully completed grade school, participated in our Running & Reading Club, and are recommended to us by their principals.  More information →

The Future Leader Initiative

Photo by  Alexis Brown  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

The Pathway of Hope Scholarship Program has been established to offer financial assistance to students in the S2F program continuing their education at a Canadian post-secondary institution.  More information →