Everyone needs a boost of motivation every once in a while, take a look at ones here and add in ways that have worked for you.  Share those with us and we will pass your ideas to others.

  • A "We Are Change" window sign.  This is a sign that can be hung on a door or a window of the classroom who is out doing the 20/20.  It shows the rest of the school They ARE Change!
  • Create a calendar and hang it in the staff room, class room, office for all the teachers to inform them when you are doing the 20/20.  Would your class like to join in? 
  • Each day have a different student come to front and help the teacher lead the 20/20 challenge.  Don’t forget to us your student leaders that you have already trained.  The only way to be proficient at something is to practice.  Allow your students to practice their Leadership skills
  • Give copies of the activities for the day the to students and let them take it home to share it with their family.  They can show off their new skills and help their family to be as active and healthy as they are!
  • Encourage a classmate, a fellow Teacher, and a Student.  A Student can motivate and encourage a teacher and a teacher can do the same for one or all the students. 
  • As a class set some goals:        
    Today I will . . .                                                       
    Each week we will. . .                                              
    Twice a month we will. . 
  • Understand that when you collect your change you are helping others!  We are all working together as one big team and the change you collect is going into one large Run4Change Bucket that will be used to purchase backpacks and running shoes for other children in your city who cannot afford to buy their own.  You are being the CHANGE agent!
  • Using a fitness journal:  By allowing students a bit of time to reflect on how they feel when they are active, it will help to create lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.  Even as your students get older, they may remember how they felt after being physically active all because their teacher gave them an opportunity to create that awareness.   This is a mandatory but an idea, if a child does not want to write anything, then that is fine as well.  You don’t want them to think that being physically active comes with “strings”.  
  • Take care of YOU!  Send out reminders how important it is to eat properly and stay hydrated when we are physically active.
  • Watch a motivational video! We all need a boost every once in a while and you will certainly get that from watching this video from Megan and Liz at our 20/20 Clinic.  They shared with the student leaders ideas to get their peers moving.  You won’t want to miss this: https://youtu.be/Sk4p8wMamNs
  •  Small, personal gestures of encouragement go a very long way!  Whether it is once a week or once a day give a personal shout out to someone in the class who tried THEIR best in either the 20/20 challenge or did something spectacular in social justice.